Ultratron – Avenge the human race!

Apr02a Remember back in the day there was a game called Robotron: 2084, yep where you were one of the human remnants and you had to save the last few humans from the robot onslaught.  All-out no-holds-barred man-on-robot action!  Well now you can relive those glory days with Ultratron by Puppy Games.  Only this time the human race was wiped out.   You’re the last humanoid battle droid, and now it’s time for payback!  All-out no-holds-barred robot-on-robot action!  Eat it evil killer robots!


Originally Robotron: 2084 was played with two joysticks, but with Ultratron you can have fun with your mouse and keyboard.  Shoot anywhere, move anywhere.  Familiar W,A,S,D, first-person shooter, controls makes it easy.  You can also use the arrow keys to shoot if you want it harder.  There are 40 levels, and 4 bosses to defeat.  I couldn’t count how many different robots there were and there’s no manual telling me but believe me when I say there are all different kinds.  Kinds that are stationary and shoot, little ones that don’t shoot, big ones that move and shoot. 


Then there’s the spiderbot which if you shoot it you get a special power-up.  For instance a drone which will actually attack enemy bots for you.  There was an assault level which basically had a swarm of bots converging on me and then all shooting at me.  I had to move outside and make sure I moved around them and their firepower.  There’s also a “challenge” stage, which is essentially a bonus stage.  You get to shoot as many spiderbots as are in the level, and get bonus points for destroying them.  There are numerous power-ups, such as shields, a smart bomb, extra points, weapons upgrades, rapid-fire, etc.  If you shoot a power-up it will actually change to something else.


Graphics are superb, giving that glowy, blocky, retro-style.  So much so, it just oozes with style.  The sounds are sufficiently non-organic, and the music is pretty good although not as exciting as I wished it would be.  All-in-all a slick presentation.  The registered version will allow you to submit to a global high score table so you can challenge your friends.


Final analysis:  Retro-shooting glowy fun.  And of course that’s what I love.  It’s just great to be in an age when they’re building all these retro-style games.  Eventually it’s going to burn out, but while it’s still “in” I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth.  Ultratron is for Pc, Mac, and Linux.

Name: Ultratron

Developer: Puppy Games

Price: $19.95

Where you can get it:

Download the Windows PC Demo
Download the Mac OSX Demo
Download the Linux Demo
Buy the full Windows PC version
Buy the full Mac OSX version
Buy the full Linux version
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