Jumping Jack’son – I’m Jumping Jack’son, it’s a gas, gas, gas!

Apr09Before there were guitar hero’s and dance revolutions there was Dance Aerobics a relatively obscure NES game that had you hit buttons on the “power pad” (much like Dance, Dance, Revolution).  Before that there was Simon in like the 70’s.  You know you had to hit the lit but tons in the exact order they played, and it would play notes.  I guess that’s the first rhythm game.  Of course I went too far back, so let’s jump back after Simon, after Dance Aerobics and before what is arguably called the first influential music game to a game called Jumping Jackson by Infogrames.  Of course I am not reviewing that game, I’m reviewing a remake for the retro remakes competition.  It’s called, guess what?  Jumping Jack’son! It’s by Puzzle House Finland  Okay so there’s a little difference in the name spelling.  Actually after looking at screenshots it looks pretty faithful.

jumpingjacksonss02Okay strictly speaking Jackson is not a rhythm game.  You don’t do anything based on notes or whatever.  It is, however, a music game.  Essentially you have to move over colored squares, which change while you’re standing on them.  You have to make at least 4 of them turn the same color before getting a record.  You know record, LP, those vinyl things we used to play music with before there were CD’s.  Anyways, When you get the record you must find the same colored record player and stand on it, then it will start playing part of a song.  As the levels increase so do the parts of songs, and then there are baddies, and teleporters to other areas of the playfield.  I encountered a trumpet, and then managed to somehow teleport right on top of a baddie ending my game real quick.

jumpingjacksonss01The graphics are fairly good, and very faithful to the 1990 Infogrames graphics.  There were a few differences but mostly the same stuff, almost as if they had been ripped (they could have been, but I’m not trying to insinuate anything inappropriate was done to obtain the graphics).  The music is this kind of techno-ey electronic thing.  It’s fun.  Interesting game, and simple to boot.  If you’re a fan of the original or just like music games in general, I’d say try this one out.

jumpingjacksonss03Final Analysis:  A very faithful remake, and somewhat fun.

Name: Jumping Jackson

Developer: Puzzle House Finland

Price: Free (it’s a remake after all)

Where you can get it: The Jumping Jumping Jackson Page

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