10 Links which may or may not be Indie related…

1) Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a review for a retro platformer called Star Guard

2) Six Awesome Ascii Games You Need To Play according to CrunchGear

3) Top 5 Free Zelda Clones one 1-Up
4) PopCap secures investment of $22.5 million on gamesindustry.biz

5) Out-Law.com saying US court says software is owned, not licensed

6) “Manhunt 2:” Most Violent Game Yet? reports CBS News

7) Not news or a review but thought this was good to pass on, AbleGamers.com, a site for disabled gamers.

8) TechCrunch reviews best new Ipod and Iphone Appstore Games

9) SideQuesting’s Ryan Gan gives us an editorial entitled “With Great Reviews, Come Great Responsibility”

10) MSNBC’s Todd Kenreck does a video review on Uncharted 2

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