10 Interesting links.

Advice for aspiring indies by Christopher M. Park of Arcen games creators of AI War.

Pictures of RTSoft’s Mind Wall at the IGF China.

Tim Schafer celebrates 20 years in the games industry with his rejection letters from times past.

The Ludologist explains how you could possibly enjoy games that are considered “bad”.

Non-coding design students make games in Thirion’s workshop, video via tigershungry.

Undercroft a new dungeon crawl / rpg for the iphone (and pocket pc).

Slumlord27’s “Obscure Indie Games” video series, part 30, Wriggle by Calsoft.

A video of a single frame of Cliffski’s Gratuitous Space Battles being rendered.

Yet another video, this time a fan made Thundercats Movie trailer.

A story of why devs should think twice about developing for the iPhone by ICombat.

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