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10 interesting links – The late edition

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

1.) A visit to a “Steampunked” home via The Steampunk Workshop.

2.) A picture of my dream-girl via the Telegraph.

3.) A Youtube video of hot babes doing a “unique” cover of Toxicity.

4.) A scale that could possibly help you lose weight on Just a Guy Thing.

5.) Tom Scott’s Star Wars Weather Forecast.

6.) The most awesome person via

7.) Cats for gold. –’nuff said.

8.) 101 NEW uses for everyday things on

9.) Why men shouldn’t write advice columns on picshag.

10.) Apparently the long arm of the law can reach into online games!

PREVIEW: Tribulation Knights

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Our next preview is for the game Tribulation Knights that’s expected sometime this year (2010) by Atomic Design Laboratory.  It’s set in the future and based on interpretations of the book of Revelation in the Bible.  Personally I’m a little wary of Christian or Bible-based games, as a Christian, because I feel that my faith and my entertainment should be separate as my belief in God is not fictional.  Still Tribulation Knights is an interesting concept if not for just the interpretation of Revelation.  This game has to do with the future where a new government arises and “chips” it’s people to track them 24/7.  Anyone who doesn’t give in is marked as a rebel, and supposedly in the game you’re fighting this government that controls people’s very lives.  Here’s a WIP video, and it doesn’t look that bad:

Screenshots after the break:


Invadazoid – Part Space Invaders, Part Arkanoid, all game!

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Our next banner entrant is Bantam City Games with Invadazoid.  It’s like Space Invaders meets Arkanoid.  Actually it’s more like Space Invaders and Arkanoid.  Well it’s mostly Space Invaders with one mode that allows you to use the ship as a paddle with ball, and another mode that’s all Space Invaders.  Okay I give this two thumbs up (I guess I just started to do the thumbs thing lately, I figure it’s easier for you to figure out how I feel about a certain game, thumbs up is good, thumbs down is bad, and one thumb up and one thumb down is like in the middle).  The game makes the progression interesting enough you want to keep playing, however focus is always on keeping your ball in play or not getting hit by rockets, so the high-scores don’t really figure into it.  Anyways want to know more about why I like it, continue reading after the break.InvadazoidSS00