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Entropy Poker A.I. – Sounds very umm… computery

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Our next banner entrant is Ergod with Entropy Poker A.I.  I’m not really sure how to classify this.  It’s not strictly a game.  Sure Poker is a game, and sure you can play against the computer.  In fact as far as I can tell you don’t play against humans at all (Of course the only way you could do that is over the internet, but I digress).  Generally speaking this is a simulation designed to help you get good at poker by offering AI in the form of simulated neural nets.  Well if you don’t know what all that means, it simply means it tries to copy brain processes to provide it’s artificial intelligence.  Firstly I don’t think that much of this, not because it isn’t useful or what it’s for, but mostly because it’s not really set up as a game.  I wouldn’t run this software if I wanted to relax from a day of hard work.  I would, however, end up using it so I could up my game when I play poker with real people, which is precisely what it’s made for.