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When you can’t call Rambo, you can call ROMBO!

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Apr03b “You are the apprentice of the great Wizard, sent in the unholy lands to recover the Black Rombo from the hands of the evil mage’s castle. In your journey through the lands, you’ll encounter several creatures in evil mage’s service.  Do not think twice before sending them to meet their creator; these are damned souls, lost forever in the realm from where the evil mage came and transformed an once healthy place to a dead zone where only the darkest entities enter.” – That’s what the webpage for Rombo by BadSector aka Kostas Michalopoulos (at least I’m assuming his name is that since he’s copyrighted the page this game is on.)  Okay so Rombo is a thing and not a person, big deal, Rambo, Rombo, Jimbo, it’s all the same to me.  Rombo is a first person “3D” flash game in the vein of the greats like Wolfenstein 3D, or Doom.  So essentially you need to find this Rombo.