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Pahelika: Secret Legends – You no lika my Pahe…

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Apr28 Sorry for the nonsense title.  First let me apologize to those at IronCode for not getting this out on time, and mostly to you readers.  I totally dropped the ball this time.  There was no excuse, I simply was being too lazy today.  I promise it will never happen again!  Today is still Tuesday April 28th, at 11:23 PM, so technically I can still get this out on time.  I’m going to actually schedule tomorrow’s (xblcg) review for 8 pm.  To give Pahelika at least 20 hours by itself.  I’ll try for 4 pm for Thursday, and finally 12 pm for Friday’s review.  So at least they have some time before another review pushes it down.  Then I’m going to try to get back on the ball for Monday.  So again I apologize.  So without further ado, may I present to you, Uhfgood’s review of IronCode Software’s Pahelika: Secret Legends.  Another quickie note, this is technically a preview, although I’m reviewing the full game.  They don’t have a demo yet and are going to release on April 30th.  Since they asked me earlier I thought I would go ahead and give this review a priority.  (As well as another developer has asked to review their game, which I already was going to, so I decided to push them up to Thursday.  So now Tuesday’s and Thursday’s reviews are now set for next week.  Sorry for any inconvenience.)


Last Man Standing – Can you stand alone against Skyn… I mean Skullnet?

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009


Remember those wondrous days of yesteryear where nothing excited us more than a couple of colored blocks on screen, and a little bleep and bloop?  There was a console, arguably the first successful one for the home called the Atari VCS more commonly known as the Atari 2600?  You do?  Well do you remember one of the big launch titles for the 2600?  Yep Combat, and a variation within combat?  Common now, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten good ol’ Tank?  Okay admittedly I thought I remembered the game being only Tank, which is based on the arcade version of Tank by Kee and Atari games.  However Tank and it’s variations were added into the Combat cartridge with various other battle type games.  Anyways, it was always fun playing Tank and it’s various variations, and nailing the other guy.  Especially Tank Pong, where you could bounce shots off the walls.  Nothing like reliving the good ol’ days.  Well what this has to do with our next game is that it, also is a tank game.  It’s called Last Man Standing, by IronCode Software.  Let’s figure out if it’s something worth buying or not.