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Galcon – Masters of the Universe, but definately not He-Man

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Today I’m reviewing the desktop version of Galcon by Phil Hassey. Galcon is pretty much like everyone says it is. If Risk were in real-time and in space, then it would be called Galcon.


I fired this baby up for the first time and went to options. I attempted to change the resolution, but if you go higher than 640×480 it gets a little choppy at times, so I decided to leave it at 640×480. I then went to the tutorial mode. There are 5 levels that tell you how to play. Although on the whole I think you could just start up a real game and not ever look at the tutorial.


Hurrican – Here I am, rock me like a TURRICAN!

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Okay almost every other review of the game that’s almost a remake but not quite, Hurrican, has used a line from the famous Scorpions song.  I had to do it myself even.  Because when I think of the name I think of that.  In any case, I’ve played the original Turrican only briefly.

Hurrican is a ‘jump’n’run’ platform shooter, from a German group called Poke53280 (note, it’s in German).  You play a cyborg who goes to a planet that’s the source of an attack on planet earth.  Apparently you’re shooting like robots and stuff because I couldn’t get a clear idea of what they were.  The graphics and music is really nice, but the control scheme makes it hard to play.



(xblig) The unbearable lightness of BEING!

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Today’s review is about a little Xbox Live Community Games entry called Being. Developed by ThirdParty Ninjas.  It was originally a Microsoft Dream-Build-Play 2008 contestant. In it you play a little red dude, and are supposed to save a princess… Or Something.  The official description isn’t really much more descriptive.