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Chris Unarmed – Quirky platform-loving goodness!

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

So our next review is for a game called Chris Unarmed by Chris Hughes.  He literally has no arms.  The premise is that the infamous “Mango” has released monsters on the world, and only Chris can stop them.  Firstly I have to say this game is on the “good” side of “OK”.  The platforming aspects are standard and the controls aren’t too hard.  Graphics are a bit quirky.  I think given more time and better art, this could have been a stand-out title.  Of course what can you expect from one person (well he did have a separate musician, but more on that later).  Here’s a video (probably the one I showed on the preview).


Announcement: Winners of the Indie Flux Banner Drawing.

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

The winners are in the banner now. Koonsolo with Mystic Mine, glpeas with Carcophony, and Vacuum Flowers with Star Guard! I’ve decided I would leave them up there indefinitely (that means I may change them after a reasonable period, or I may just leave them there).

Because there were so few entrants, I’ve decided to give everyone who entered a review. The link to each review will be in this post, and the post will stay up until the end of January 2010. Please check back soon if you entered to see your review.

Thanks to all who entered.

Update: I’ve decided to extend this until the end of February, since I didn’t get this last one (EUO on the last line) till just today February 6th 2010. So these links will be up another month.
Awesome Soccer is Awesome
Mayhem Intergalactic – or – Stuff blows up in space!
Bauble Play – Match-3 with an eye-patch!
Mystic Mine – Mystically fun maybe?
Space Spy – Way way too far out in space
Star Guard rocks your retro world!
Pikgem – A cute little maze game
Anirah – Riddle of the Pharaohs (with no riddles or Pharaohs)
Carcophony or “Sim-Traffic Light”, you decide!
ColorRide – Rainbow manipulation
Meteors – First their came Asteroids, then there came METEORS!
The Cherokee Indian – It’s a game as well as a people!
Entropy Poker A.I. – Sounds very umm… computery
Awesome Tank and A Game of Tennis
Invadazoid – Part Space Invaders, Part Arkanoid, all game!
EUO – No funny title for this MMORPG (Sans the Massively)


Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Nov09 Dude… Wait, what?   Today’s game review is a browser-based game called Cat, Cat, Watermelon!  It’s by Lexaloffle, don’t you know?  Yep… Good old Cat, Cat, Watermelon.  It’s about umm Cats and… oh… Watermelons.  Apparently there are more than just cats and watermelons to this game… there are also beach balls and umm… bowls.  and… more things… that you can stack.  Can you stack all the objects without it toppling over?  I’m sure there are a ton of objects in this physics-based game.  What?  You mean I didn’t tell you it was physics-based?  Well now you know, and knowing is half the battle (I think I used that line before, blame the 80’s GI Joe cartoon)

Since I didn’t have a video of the game and since you can actually play it on the web (no downloading or anything!) I’ve decided to give you an idea of the game with this video…  Trust me there really is a game review after the video.